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Planning. Thinking ahead. Anticipating. Assessing. Moving away from being tactical and executing on a defined plan to becoming strategic and preserving options.  Sounds easy, right?  If you could just find the time...

In many ways, success is about finding an equilibrium between activity and contemplation- that point where work is getting done in the most efficient and effective way. Too much activity and we begin to work blindly without a plan or end goal.  Too much contemplation and we never get to the work.  This equilibrium is not a resting state, but rather a constant balancing act.


Our approach is founded in Lean Principles.  It sounds simple: standardize repeatable work so that you can focus on the smaller percentage of the work that is truly unique. Then, standardize as many elements of the exceptions as is reasonable.


The closer you are to the work, the harder it becomes to recognize what is standard. The fact that your customers are unique and that every job is important are not barriers to standardization. In fact, they are ideal reasons to standardize!  

"Standardization" has a negative connotation. I always ask clients what they think of when they hear the word "standardization." They think of being forced to comply, of being required to behave in a way that contradicts who they are, and of having to settle for something other than what they want.

Drawing upon a network of trusted colleagues, we bring multidisciplinary experience to the every engagement. 

Once our Founder, Janet Marie Tierney, has determined your needs, she will pull together a cross-functional team of professionals to collaborate on the highest quality solution.


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